Frequently Asked Questions

Please be patient with your inquiries.

MYSC is a volunteer organization.  We receive a lot of questions via phone calls and emails. Most inquiries we receive can be answered by the material on this website. Please take time to look for the answers to your questions before calling or emailing. Emails usually receive priority over phone calls. They are routed directly to the person responsible for that department. Please try to route your questions to the appropriate department, i.e. boys, girls, refs, fields etc.

Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club mission is to provide a quality youth soccer program to educate, develop physical and teamwork skills, and for the families primarily within the Mukilteo School District boundaries.


What day are games held?

Our micro teams always play on Saturday mornings at the same location--usually at 8:30 am, 9:30 am or 10:30 am. Our U8 coaches get to choose Saturdays OR Sundays for their game days. Starting in Fall 2017, Our U9-U12 teams will play a majority of their games on Saturdays and 3-4 games on Sundays. North County sets the day that U13-U19 teams play based on age groups. As soon as North County releases the days of play matrix for Fall 2017, we will update it here for you.

How many players are on a team?

Maximum roster sizes are as follows:

  • Micro teams (U4/U5 and U6/U7):  7 players--play 3 v 3 (no goalie)
  • U8:  8 players--play 4 v 4 (no goalie)
  • U9 & U10:  12 players--play 7 v 7
  • U11 & U12:  14 players--play 9 v 9
  • U13-U19:  18 players--play 11 v 11

Roster sizes are set by North County Youth Soccer Association, and our club must follow these placement guidelines.

Recreation FALL soccer

Registration for fall soccer begins May 1, and registration is available at our website.

Recreational soccer uses the terms:  Micro U4/5/6/7, Modified Soccer - U8 through U11, and Recreational Soccer - U12 through U18/19 ages. Micro and Modified (MOD) soccer simply mean the rules, size of the field, and playing times are modified to accommodate players under the age of ten. MYSC offers MICRO, MOD, and recreational soccer during the fall season, and the season is usually seven to ten weeks or seven to ten games depending on age group.

Recreational SPRING Soccer

MYSC does offer a recreational spring soccer program.  Registration opens on March 1st and is for players U4/5 through U15. 

What is select soccer?

There are many select soccer programs in the Snohomish County area.  MYSC does not have a select program at this time.  Select teams are made up of players selected during tryouts hosted by select programs.  Select teams can play in a district program or premier program depending on the age of the players, skill & commitment.   The district program plays soccer in the fall at the same time as recreational teams.  District teams have games from Seattle to Bellingham.  Premier teams may play anywhere within the State of Washington. Select teams are formed in the spring of each year and usually begin practicing right away & throughout the year.  Select teams can play in summer tournaments to prepare for the fall season.  Select soccer teaches advanced soccer skills and requires players to be fit, responsible, and committed.  If you are interested you can find select programs offerings listed at the North County Youth Soccer Assn. website.

U8 - U11 age group soccer program

The U8 - U11 boys and girls program is a small-sided 'modified' soccer program.  This enables the players to have more touches on the ball at each game &/or practice, thereby improving their ability to play and understand the game of soccer.  Teams are formed and play teams from other clubs throughout Snohomish County.  The entire State of Washington has adopted this small-sided program for the U8 through U11 age categories.  U = under

MICRO Soccer U4/U5U6/U7

The 7 game season begins in early September and will run for approximately 8 weeks.  Practice & some general information is listed below.  Team details are set by the volunteer coach.  This program is very popular and we recommend you register your child in May to ensure participation.


  •       Games will take place on Saturday mornings. For the past couple years games & Friday Night
          Clinics have been at Explorer Middle School
  •       Teams will consist of 7 players.
  •       There will be a club-sponsored training for coaches and players one evening per week for 4
          weeks.  All players will participate together and coaches will provide support for clinic designed training
          exercises.  A Club representative will be available to help design practices or guide you through your
          first coaching experience.  MYSC has held these clinics at Explorer Middle School the last two years.
  •      Micro coaches usually hold 1-2 practices per weeks. Some coaches have their players come to the Friday night clinic instead of one of the practices.
  •       The Club will provide equipment and uniform jersey for the teams.

Each age category has variations, click here for detailed age category information

What does my registration fee cover?

Registration fees pay for field equipment, including goal nets, balls and cones, player insurance, referees, medical supplies, administration costs, field rental fees, and our registration fees to Washington Youth Soccer.

Micro U4-U7 includes a jersey
U8 - U13 includes jersey, shorts, and socks
U14 – U19 team can choose to use the MYSC standard Jersey, shorts, and sock at no additional charge.  Most MYSC teams use the Club uniform.

Your team coach is a volunteer and is not paid for his/her time. 

Financial Aid Information

MYSC has a generous financial aid policy. The Financial Aid form is found in the Helpful Resources option on our website. Please download the financial aid application and mail it to MYSC. If financial aid is granted, our registrar will email you a coupon code. Once you get the coupon code, you will need to register your child online and put in the coupon code on the payment screen. You will need to pay the remaining balance with a credit or debit card.

Financial Aid form

How do I register a player?

Go to, click on the Registration option. Follow the instructions on the screen. To complete your registration, you will need to pay the balance due at time of registration with a credit or debit card. Call us at 425-745-4499 (message only) if you need additional assistance. Your online member account allows the Club & coaches to communicate with you, keeping you informed about upcoming MYSC soccer events or updates regarding the season. 

How do I register my child without using the online system?

Our online registration system is safe and secure, and your information is kept completely confidential. We encourage all families to use the online Bonzi registration system; it is the most efficient way of registering your child for our program.  The payment system allows payment by credit or debit cards. The registration system is available at our website, look for the registration option. If you have difficulty, please email or call us at 425-745-4499.

How much does it cost to play soccer?

EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION FEES (if registered in May) 

 Micro U4/U5:     $65 (Includes a Team Jersey)

Micro U6/U7:     $80 (Includes a Team Jersey)

U8-U18:           $135 (Includes a Team Jersey, Short, and Socks)

Starting on June 1st, the fees listed above will increase by $15 for all divisions.

  • If you have several players to register, the family maximum fee is $295.
  • Financial Aid is available for families in need, and the forms are available on our website under "Helpful Resources"/"Resources for Parents."


Do you accept beginning soccer players?

Absolutely!  MYSC offers recreation soccer for all ages of players...with or without experience playing.  Players entering preschool through high school play the programs we offer.

How old does my child need to be to play soccer?

Players are placed on teams based on their birth year. Please refer to our age chart to see where your child will fit in.  Age Chart

My child would like to switch teams.

Once a child has been placed on a team roster, players are guaranteed to play with that team, if registered by May 31. A transfer request to a different team within the Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club needs to be in writing with the reasons for the request. You can send requests for transfer by going to and using the Contact Us tab and select subject "Registration".  Requests for transfers will be honored, as roster space allows. 

When you are registering your child, you are able to make the friend or coach request.  The registrar is able to view your information.  We work hard to honor the requests, but there are roster size limits. 

Playing Up

Players are placed on teams based on their birth years--no "play ups" for new players are allowed starting in August 2017 per US Soccer's birth year mandate. (Fall 2016 teams are "grandfathered" in, and these existing teams are allowed to keep their returning players that are playing up. However, no new "play up" requests will be granted to these teams.) All other players are registered to teams based on their birth year.

If your child is on a returning team as a play up player and grandfathered in, you will need to register him/her based on his/her birth year. Once registered, our registrars will manually move the player up to his/her returning team.

What player equipment does my child need?

Shin guards & soccer socks are required, and soccer cleats are recommended.  A lot of coaches appreciate when a player has their own ball.  This allows the player to continue practicing ball skills at home.  Players cannot wear baseball or football cleats for soccer practice or games.  The referee will do an equipment check prior to the games.

Micro & U8 use a size 3 ball
U9 – U12 use a size 4 ball
U13 – U19 use a size 5 ball

What about uniforms?







The MYSC Board has made a decision to have a common uniform for our Club.  Each fall season all teams receive a uniform kit which includes a jersey, shorts & one pair of socks.  MYSC has created a brand on the field, reduced & unified the cost of uniforms throughout the Club.  Our uniform supplier is PROTIME Sports, a local sports uniform, and equipment company.  They have proven customer service throughout the Puget Sound area, and have offered a very fair price for a quality uniform. 

The cost of the uniform is part of the registration fee, and when you are completing your online registration you are able to select uniform sizes.  Uniforms will be distributed to the coaches.

Micro players receive a unique micro jersey, and the cost of the jersey is part of the registration fee.

Where do the coaches come from?

In recreational soccer, each team's group of parents provides the volunteers for coaching, refereeing, and team management.  If a parent is not available, MYSC relies on community member volunteers who are willing to coach a team.  In some cases, high school or college age students volunteer to coach. 

MYSC does provide support and training for volunteer coaches.  Washington Youth Soccer also is an excellent resource.  They offer a variety of coaching clinics throughout the year in nearby locations.

Your team coach is a volunteer and is not paid for his/her time.  All volunteer coaches register to coach.  Their registration undergoes a background check, and they receive a clearance to volunteer in our Club.  The background check is completed before he/she is assigned to a team roster.

When and where are games played?

Recreational U8-U19 games usually begin the weekend after Labor Day. Both boys and girls play on Saturday and Sunday.  There are no guarantees that teams will play only on one day or the other--the creation of the schedule is dependent on field availability & additional time constraints.  Games on Saturdays are usually between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm. Games on Sundays usually begin after 12:00 pm. Each recreational team has ten games. Typically half will be played in Mukilteo at the team's designated home field, and the other half of the games will be played away and could be from Mountlake Terrace to Arlington, and sometimes Whidbey Island.   The game day matrix show the age groups and the day that they are generally scheduled to play.

Coaches receive game schedules towards the end of August or early September.  Members will be able to access their teams schedule on the MYSC website--watch for e-mail updates regarding schedules. 

The North County Youth Soccer League creates the game schedule, not MYSC. Each club in the League provides team information. 

What can I do to help?

There are many ways for a parent to help out. At the team level, there is coaching, refereeing, or team management. There are also many things to do at the club level. Helping out with soccer equipment, medical kits, administration work, phone calls, are just some of the ways your help would be appreciated.

I want to help but I don’t know anything about soccer!

Soccer experience is not required. If you want to be involved with your child’s team, we provide coaching clinics to teach how to coach. We have a library of books and videos and trained coaches available to help. All we need is a parent who wants to learn.

Can I make a donation?

Yes, we welcome your donation.  MYSC is a non-profit 501c3 corporation, and your donation is tax deductible.  Your registration receipt will indicate your donation.

When you complete your child’s registration, you have an opportunity to make an additional monetary donation.  Here are some of the ways we use your donation:  1)  MYSC offers four $1,000.00 scholarships to Mukilteo School District high school seniors who will continue their education at the college level, 2) MYSC has a very generous financial aid program which allows many players who need assistance to participate, and at very little cost to their families.

We only have a birth certificate the hospital gave us.  Why is this not acceptable?

Washington Youth Soccer is our governing body, and they require we verify birth date/age for all MYSC players.  An original government-issued proof of birthdate; the same document you used to enroll your child in school is acceptable, such as a birth certificate, military ID or a passport.  The MYSC Registrar will contact you throughout the season and set a convenient location for you to bring document(s) so the birth date verification is complete.  Families only need to do this one time, once your child's birth date is verified; the information becomes a permanent part of the child's registration member account. 

MYSC no longer accepts copies of documents. 

How do I get a refund?

Refunds are easy, just write a note asking for a refund.  To receive a 100%(minus a $10.00 processing fee) refund, your written request must reach us before August 1st. A 50% refund will be issued to written requests received between August 1st and the first game, minus $10.00 processing fee. Late fees are not refundable. Refunds are not available after the 1st game starts. You may e-mail directly to the Registrar at the Contact Us option on our website, or by mailing to Mukilteo Youth Soccer Club, PO Box 762, Mukilteo, WA 98275.  Phone calls asking for a refund will not be honored.  We will only accept written requests.

When will I hear about my child’s team?

We encourage our volunteer coaches to contact their team members by August 1.  Most coaches use e-mail to contact players, but you may also receive a phone call.  Parents may be asked to attend a meeting to select a coach, manager, and other team volunteers if no one volunteered at time of registering their child. It is the responsibility of each team to supply a coach. In the event no one volunteers, there may not be a spot for your child to play. 

MICRO soccer coaches meet the end of August to receive their team roster, gear and practice field information.  Micro players/parents may not be contacted until the end of August with team details.

MOD & RECREATION team coaches meet the end of July to receive their team roster, gear and practice field information.  The official start date for practices is August 1, and games the weekend after Labor Day.

I want to be a referee and make money.

Refereeing is a great part-time job - fresh air, exercise, flexible schedule and great pay. Serving the game while enjoying it with others is self-rewarding. MYSC accepts all referee applicants over the age of 11 and Entry Level Clinics are offered year round to accommodate anyone's busy schedule. MYSC has a comprehensive support system for newly trained referees to help with the first few games. The MYSC referee assignor can be contacted by using our contact form and selecting the subject matter "Referee” or click on the link below to get started on becoming a US Soccer Referee for MYSC.

How to become a Referee Link>>

Am I too late to sign up?

We accept player registrations up to September 1st, providing there is roster space available on a team at the appropriate age level.  Avoid the late fee, and register throughout the month of May. 

When and where are practices?

Practices may begin the first week of August; however, the volunteer coaches set their team practices depending on their availability.  Teams usually practice twice a week in the late afternoon or early evening. MYSC uses fields available in the Mukilteo School District. The coach of the team submits their choices for practice and the practice scheduler assigns teams their practice field and practice day and time.

Coaches will contact you with team details.

We have a new puppy that just loves people. Can we bring our pet to the soccer games?

Dogs and all pets are not allowed on the field during the soccer season.  Please keep your pet home safe during soccer season. There is too much going on, and pet animals can be unpredictable. Even if a game is played at a public park which allows pets on leashes, NCYSA rules govern the event of the game and the rules do not allow pets.

Team Photos

Kids Photography is a local business providing sports team photography.  MYSC has received excellent customer service and delivery of team photos from Jim & Debbie Grant.  We appreciate their willingness to continue to work with our Club and provide quality affordable photos for our members.

Can you wear earrings during games if they are taped up?

No! Earrings can be dangerous to the player wearing them. You will see professional soccer players wearing earrings and other jewelry. It is not allowed for any reason in youth soccer.  If the earrings are unable to be removed, the referee may not allow the player to play the game. The referee is responsible for the safety of all the players. Plan on piercing ears after soccer season is over.

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