Rules for Referee No Show

If the assigned referee for your game does not show or there was no referee assigned to your game, please wait until game time, not before, to find a replacement referee, either another referee or a volunteer which is mutually agreed upon by both coaches.

Referee shortages create problems which many of you have experienced in the past. I personally know of one good youth referee who has recently quit because of abuse by spectators. I also know from personal observation that most of you are treating referees well, especially at Lake Stickney games. I asked one youth referee at Lake Stickney if anyone was yelling at him, and he replied: "No, Mukilteo parents are great!" If you haven't already done it, please adopt the attitude that referees are a partner in providing the soccer program for our kids.

Our referee assignor has asked that this information is communicated to you:

NCREFS has removed access to referee assignments on their website because there were so many hits that referee assignors could not get in to post assignments. Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to check and see if there is a referee assigned to your next game.

You are not to schedule your own referees before the game!

The referee assignor is the only one allowed to assign referees in advance. They can only assign currently certified referees. If a referee fails to appear, then coaches are responsible to provide referee coverage as specified in the NCYSA rules, #15 page 4:

15. Failure of a Referee to appear within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled match time will not be cause for canceling the game. The coaches must mutually agree to a substitute Referee, or a home team coach shall referee the first half of the game and a visiting coach shall referee the second half. Once the match has commenced under the supervision of a selected alternate Referee(s), the match shall continue as if said alternate(s) was originally scheduled to referee the match. The alternate(s) may only be replaced by a late arriving scheduled Referee and only upon consent of the alternate(s) who have been selected and commenced the match.

You may invite someone to the game who potentially could be an emergency referee, but no actual arrangements can be made until there is a referee no-show at the game.

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