Mukilteo Rush Select

April 15, 2014 8:27 pm

Mukilteo Rush Select

Some of you may be aware of Mukilteo Youth Soccer’s partnership with Washington Rush to bring a Select level program to our community.  The youngest age group that Mukilteo Rush Select serves is U11, so we are reaching-out to invite your participation in this opportunity.

Your participation might be as a perspective coach, as an advocate for a particular player who you feel might be best served by playing at a higher competitive level, or simply to find-out more about the program and how Recreational, Select and Premier Soccer interact in our area.

In terms of coaching opportunities, we are trying to field competitive teams with a Mukilteo neighborhood focus, so we welcome local coaches who are parents, have coached with MYSC in the past, or just have a passion for teaching youth soccer and happen to be part of our larger community.  In addition to a Mukilteo connection, an ideal coaching candidate would demonstrate a higher level understanding of Soccer, solid technical knowledge, appropriate tactical development for this age group and, above all, an ability to teach and mentor these young boys and girls.

Some more information can be found at  and a link to specific tryout info is .

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