Meet the MYSC Team

MYSC is a volunteer organization that has a Board that provides oversight, direction and operation of the organization.   The Board is nominated and elected as defined in our bylaws, listed below are the current Board members that are providing direction for the MYSC organization.  The Board is always interested in all of your opinions and encourage you to attend our monthly board meetings to provide input about the direction of the organization.

Eric Christensen

Position(s): President

Jamie Wright

Position(s): Registrar (U11-U19)

Sara Stevens

Position(s): Assistant Registrar (U8-U10)

Ivo Schilbach

Position(s): VP of Select

Vernon Winters

Position(s): Referee Assignor

Tam Samaras

Position(s): VP Operations

Gregg Garmire

Position(s): Coaches Rep, Micro Coordinator

Debbie Cleland

Position(s): Secretary

Sean Drought

Position(s): VP Development

Jeff Grove

Position(s): Pracitce Field Assigning

Heather Carlson

Position(s): Judiciary

Kevin Parker

Position(s): Treasurer

Alan Cleland

Position(s): Past President

Joshua Barnes

Position(s): Web Master, Micro Coordinator

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